Constance Wu claims she was sexually harassed by a producer: He ‘Grazed Her Crotch

Constance Wu claims that she was sexually harassed at Fresh Off the Boat by a senior member of the production team.

According to the newspaper, he "placed his hands on her thighs, and his hand eventually grazed her crotch," which led to a bizarre incident at a sporting event.

She then asked him for his forgiveness. HollywoodLife reached out for comment to ABC but has yet to hear back.

She said that Fresh off the Boat was her first TV show. I was thrust into this world. I don't have any parents who work in this industry. People thought I knew everything I was doing because I was 30 years old. I was paranoid and embarrassed.

She said that she kept her mouth shut for quite some time regarding the harassment and intimidation she received in the first two seasons.

"Because after the first two seasons, it was a success. Once I wasn't afraid of losing my job again, that was when I was able to say 'no to harassment and intimidation from this producer.

So I thought, "You know what?" It was handled, nobody needs to know.

I don’t have the responsibility of tarnishing the reputation of this Asian American producer, nor do I have to ruin the reputation of the show.

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