James Cameron was concerned that the original Avatar's 3D may look 'cringeworthy' when compared to sequels

Director James Cameron is worried about the stunning 3D effects and visual effects in the Avatar sequels. He fears they will make 2009's blockbuster classic seem outdated.

The first movie had a major overhaul before today's rerelease. This is less than three months prior to its highly anticipated sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water hitting theaters on Dec. 16.

"As the film ended, I went, 'Hmm, I don't know. I'm now worried about the new film,'" the director joked, before quickly clarifying, "That's not true. I'm not worried about the new film.

It looks pretty amazing. But I am hopeful that people will get out to the cinema and either discover or rediscover that experience so that they know what an Avatar movie's all about."

The director rewatched the film and found new appreciation for the work he and his team did at the time.

Cameron believes that visual effects should make audiences feel as if they are in a dream. The director explained that dreams are a way for us to believe we are in the same situation as we dream.

He said, "Through world-building, through the presentation, bright laser 3D, and so forth, you're there. Every leaf is visible. It feels like you can touch the tree. It's a brand new story with new characters and new stakes.

The Avatar is remastered and will be available in theaters around the world Sept 23, before The Way of Water arrives down Dec. 16.

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