Johnny Depp is dating Joelle Rich, a married lawyer who worked on his U.K. Libel Trial

Johnny Depp is a dating lawyer Joelle Rich who represented him in his U.K libel suit against The Sun

Rich was one of Depp's lawyers after he sued U.K. newspapers for libel in 2018. However, Rich wasn't part of the legal team that represented him in the defamation case against his ex-wife Amber Heard

According to an insider, Rich was married at the time she met Depp and is currently divorcing her husband. She has two children with her ex-spouse.

During the defamation case against Heard 36, rumors circulated that the Hollywood Vampires singer was actually seeing another lawyer, Camille Vasquez who was one of the attorneys representing him.

The Secret Window actor filed two separate lawsuits against Depp and Heard for their 2017 divorce

After the Sun article in which he was referred to as a "wife beater", the Kentucky native first sued The Sun . 

The court denied Depp's appeal request in March 2021. 

Rich had "seriously questioned the decision of the U.K. judge" and that her client was eager to present "the complete, irrefutable proof of the truth in U.S. Libel Case against Ms. Heard, where she will have full disclosure."'s appeal request in March 2021.