Jupiter is coming its closest to Earth in nearly 60 years

According to NASA, Jupiter will come within 367 million miles of Earth on Monday. This is the closest Jupiter has been to Earth since 1963.

This event will coincide with the "opposition" of the gas giant when it orbits to the opposite side of Earth from the Sun. It will be brighter and larger than at any other time of the year.

Jupiter will be visible in clear skies for the next few nights and is likely to be one of the most bright objects in the sky.

People should be able see three to four of Jupiter's Galilean Moons with binoculars according to Adam Kobelski, a research physicist at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville (Alabama), earlier this month.

A telescope of 4 inches or larger should allow viewers to view Jupiter's Great Red Spot, bands, and other features.

The big picture NASA's Juno spacecraft will fly within 222 miles (358 km) of Jupiter's surface, Europa on Thursday, NASA stated last week.

Because of its subsurface ocean, the moon could be habitable and is therefore a great place to look for life in the solar system beyond Earth.

 Juno will be expected to obtain the highest resolution images of Europa's ice-crusted portions while simultaneously collecting data about its interior and composition.

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