Two lottery winners, of $1.34 Billion, Mega Millions prize, have finally come forward

Two lottery winners, who had already agreed to share the staggering $1.34 billion Mega Millions prize prior to purchasing their tickets, have finally come forward

The third biggest lottery prize of all time worth $1.34 billion - equivalent to PS1.1billion - has been claimed two months after the draw.

The US winner can choose to receive the entire sum but break it down into monthly payments over the next 29 years or one lump payment that is less due to state and federal taxes.

The Mega Millions of winners had just 60 days to choose between the cash and annuity options and up to a year to claim the prize.

The pair decided to keep their identities private and came forward on Wednesday after they agreed to share the winnings even before buying their tickets.

Two winners spent the last few weeks with financial and legal advisors before they came forward to claim their prize. This is something that lottery officials recommend.

The winning numbers for the cash were: 13, 36, 45, and 57. 67. The Mega Ball was also 14.

The huge jackpot was due to the fact that no one had drawn the six numbers since April 15, this year.

The jackpot was rolled 29 times, without any winner. It now stands at $301M. Since the lucky couple, no one has one.

In July, the UK's biggest ever lottery winner took home PS195m after scooping the Euromillions jackpot. This marked the third PS100M-plus EuroMillions jackpot won in the UK this year.

The PS109M Jackpot from the draw of 4 February was claimed within days. The ticket-holder chose to remain anonymous and Joe and Jess Thwaite celebrated the PS184M win in the draw on 10 May.

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