Mega-Sena: contest accumulates and the prize is estimated at R$ 200 million

Nobody hit the six scores of the Mega-Sena contest 2523 , which was held tonight (24) by Caixa Econômica Federal in São Paulo.

With that, the prize accumulated and is now estimated at R$ 200 million for the next draw – if the amount comes out, it will be the fourth largest prize in the history of the lottery.

The numbers drawn were 01-10-27-36-37-45 .

In today's contest, 294 bets won the corner and will take home BRL 44,862.56 each, while 20,572 people hit the court and will receive BRL 915.91.

You need to place a bet of six to 15 numbers at the credential lotteries by Caixa, or on the bank 's special lottery website  to Participate in Lottery. 

The minimum bet now costs R$ 4.50, and you have the right to choose six tens from 1 to 60.

If you want to place an extra number to increase the chances of winning, the price of the game goes up to R$ 31.50.

The Mega-Sena pool allows from two to 100 shares. In each pool, it is possible to place ten different bets.

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