Trailer for 'The Last of Us’: Pedro Pascal Survives the Apocalypse

"Save what you can." The warning sounds, and the dramatic survival story begins in " the Last of Us," a series of HBO adaptations of the popular video game franchise.

Joel (Pascal), is assigned to smuggle Ellie (Ramsey), out of a quarantine area to safety across the U.S., in the hopes of finding a cure for the zombie-like the plague.

The teaser trailer for the 2023 series was made available on September 26th in celebration of "The Last of Us"'s official Outbreak Day. This day marks the first known case of the fictional cordyceps virus.

Gabriel Luna, Merle Dandridge, Nico Parker, and Jeffrey Pierce are also part of the ensemble cast.

Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, the original Joel and Ellie voice actors, will appear in the series in unspecified roles.

HBO has previously released footage from the series. It shows Pascal telling Ramsey's Ellie she doesn't know what loss is.

Pascal recently stated that there is a creative way to honor what's important while also preserving what is unique to the experience of playing the videogame.

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