List of Troom Troom (WooHoo) YouTube Cast & Member with Photos

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Troom Troom is a Huge original Content Publishing Media Company. They Mainly Upload Videos Related to DIY Accessories, Makeup Tutorials, Life Hacks, Pranks, Home Décor, and much more. Troom Toom is a Ukrainian Based Company.

Troom Troom has Various Sub Channel such as Troom Troom Food, Troom Troom WOW, Troom Troom SELECT, etc. They also have more than 10 YouTube channels that Produce Content Related to Particular Country languages Such as Troom Troom De for Germany, Troom Troom India for India, and Many More.

Woohoo YouTube Channel Cast
Woohoo ChannelSubscribers
WooHoo1.2 million +
WooHoo WHOA2 million+
WooHoo IT500K+
WooHoo TR1 million +
WooHoo PL500K+
WooHoo CN150K+
WooHoo Thai1.4 million+
WooHoo Indonesia4 million +
WooHoo Vietnam1.3 million +
WooHoo JP115K+
WooHoo Kr171K+
WooHoo DE400K+

Woohoo is also a Part of Troom Troom Media and they have a total of 11 Regional Channels. So, we can Actors who Work on Troom Troom are also a Part of Woohoo.

List of Toom Troom & WooHoo Cast Members

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There are more than 50+ Actors and Actress are Working on Troom Troom and WooHoo YouTube Channel. So, We have to Find Some of their Identity and make them available to You.

We have divided the Cast Member into two Different Sections, First One is For the Troom Troom & WooHoo Girls Model and Second One is For Male Cast Member.

Troom Troom (WooHoo) Girls Models

AS we Told Earlier Actor Work for Troom Troom Also Work for WooHoo. So, Both the Girls Model for Both the Platform are the Same.

Ekaterina Musmova

Ekaterina Musmova
Ekaterina Musmova
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Ekaterina Musmova is a Russian Actress, Model, and a Makeup Artist. Her Instagram Username is @kate_musmova. She has more than 80K+ followers on Instagram and has Uploaded Semi Nudes Photos.

Alevtina Martina

Troom Troom Cast Member

Alevtina Markina, more known as the blue-eyed girl, is a regular and popular character of the Troom Troom channel. She is vastly famous among Troom Troom viewers. She is a Very Beautiful and Most Hard Working Women in Troom Troom and WooHoo.

She was born in Ukraine and currently residing there. She got married to Igor Matson. She has more than 50K+ followers on Instagram. Her Official Instagram Username is @alevtinamartina.


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Sashenka used to Play the Role of Dolly and Ronda. She has more than 30K+ Instagram Followers and her Official Instagram Account is @ohshtein.

Irina Ponomarenko

Curly Sue is played by  Irina Ponomarenko. she is an artist, designer, and illustrator. Her Instagram account has More than 25K Followers and her Username is @irena_panamera

Irina Kolesnik

Troom Troom Cast Member

Irina Kolesnik Used to Play the Role of Blondie. She has More than 70K+ Instagram Followers and her official Instagram username is @irina.kolessnik

Marisha Fedirko

marisha fedirko

She has more than 3K+ Followers and her Official Instagram Username is @marisha_fedirko

Masha Mednaya

Masha Mednaya

Masha Mednaya used to play the role of Mrs. Smith, Bell, Mrs. Gonzalez, and Betty. She has more than 35K+ followers on Instagram and her Official Insatgarm USername is @mashamednaya.

Veronika Stakhova

Troom Troom Cast Member

Veronika Stakhova is an Actor, Artist, and a Painter. She Used to Play Rosie in TT. She has More than 24K+ Instagram Followers and her username is @veronikastahova.

Tracy Jose Manuel

Tracy Jose Manuel

Jessica’s real name is Tracy. She is an actress, model, traveler, and social media influencer. She has appeared in many videos of the Troom Troom youtube channel and gets loved by the audience.

She has more than 50K+ Instagram Followers and her Official Username is @etotracy.

Valeria Khadonova

Valeria Khadonova

Fairy and Linda’s character is played by Valeria Khadonova. She has more than 14K+ followers on Instagram and her username is @eklerka2000.

Ira Olianich

WooHoo Cast

Emma’s character is played by Ira Olianich. She’s currently one of the featured actresses on one of Troom Troom’s many spinoff channels, Troom Troom Trick. She is Not Much active on Instagram and her Username is @marina__y_.

Svetlana Kuptsova

Svetlana Kuptsova

Troom Troom Character Clementina the zombie and Christie are Played by Svetlana Kuptsova. She has more than 12K+ followers on Instagram. Her Instagram Username is @_____sunlight_____.

Eva Voronova


Vicky Character Role is played by Eva Voronova. She has more than 40K+ Instagram Followers and her Instagram Username is @evavoronova.

Anastasia Gash

Anastasia Gash

Cindy Character in Troom Troom is played by Anastasia Gash and her Instagram is @anastasia_gash

Katerina Pasichnyk

Meghan Role in Troom troom is played by Katerina Pasichnyk and her Instagram is @lewkatty. Her Account is Private and hs more than 25K+ Folllowers.

Julia Grisenko

Julia Grisenko

Daisy Character in Troom Troom is played by Julia Grisenko and her Instagram is @julia_grisenko. She has mre than 4K+ Followers.

Viktoriia Viter 

WooHoo Cast

Stephanie Character is played by Viktoriia Viter and her Instagram is @vittter. She has more than1.5K+ Followers.

Diana Saletskaya

Diana Saletskaya

Emily Role in Troom Troom is played by Diana Saletskaya. Her Instagram USername is @di.saletskaya and has more than 1K+ Followers.

Lana Zubko

 Lana Zubko

Emily used to be played by Lana Zubko. She has more than 1K+ Followers on Instagram her Official Instagram Username is @lanazubko.

Da Kubik

Troom troom Girl name

Melanie is played by Da Kubik and her Instagram is @da_kubik. She has more than 5K+ Followers.

So, This is the List of Some Girls Casts, members, Actress, and Models who Work for Troom Troom and WooHoo YouTube Channels. Now, Let’s See Some Male Actors and Models.

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Troom Troom (WooHoo) Men Actor/Models

AS we Told Earlier Actor Work for Troom Troom Also Work for WooHoo. So, Male Actor Mentions Below Work on Both the Youtube Channel i.e. Troom Troom and WooHoo.

Michil Konung

Michil Konung

Stevie and Mike’s Character in Troom Troom is played by Michil Konung. He has more than 17K+ followers on Instagram. His Instagram Username is @mikhailkonung

Maxim Skomorah

Maxim Skomorah

Ben Charcter is played by Maxim Skomorah, and his Instagram is @skomoroh__. He has more than 62K+ Followers on Instagram.

Andrei Khorunjiy

Troom troom Male Cast

Alex Character in Troom troom and WooHoo is played by Andrei Khorunjiy and his Instagram is @a.khorunjiy (6K+ Followers).

Seergej Graur

Seergej Graur

Freddy Character is played by Seergej Graur and his Instagram is @seergejgraur (1.1K+ Followers)

Shulga Ilyaa

Shulga Ilyaa

Shon and Beard Grill Character is played by Shulga Ilyaa and his Instagram is @shulga_ilyaa (1.5K+ Followers)

Stephan Vova Sola

Stephan vova_sola

Steve Role in Troom Troom is played by Stephan vova sola and his Instagram is @vova_solo (1.8K+ Followers)



Jake Character is played by Slavik and his Instagram is @slavik_010 (2.3K+ Followers).

Rostik Sirotkin

Rostik Sirotkin

Justin Character is played by Rostikmagistr and his Instagram is @rostikmagistr (10K+ Followers)



Andy is played by Ivan Plukchi and his Instagram is @plukchi__ (2.1K+ followers)



Sam Character is played by Kostya Komov and his Instagram is @komovko (4K+ Followers)

So, Guys, this is an Alll About Troom Troom Cast and Member List. Hope, You Like this Article Now le’s See QnA About Troom Troom and WooHoo.

Frequently Aksed Questions

What is Troom Troom?

Troom Troom is a YouTube Channel that Upload Videos Related to DIY Accessories, Makeup Tutorials, Life Hacks, Pranks, Home Décor, and much more. It has More than 22.5 Million Subscribers.

There are How Many Sub Channels of Troom troom?

There are Mainly 3 Sub Channel of Troom Trooom. Troom Troom Food (781K subscribers), Troom Troom WOW (2.86M subscribers), Troom Troom SELECT (8.8M subscribers)

What country is Troom Troom from?

Troom Troom is a multi National YouTube channel Originated from Ukrainian.

Who is the Voice Actor of Troom Troom (WooHoo) ?

Thee are more than 10+ Background Voice Work for YouTube Videos. But, In them Aleksandra Siwecka is a Main Voice Over Articst.

Where do Troom Troom Actors Live?

Troom troom is a Ukrainian Based Company. So, Most of the Actor are from Ukrainian.

Final Words / Conclusion

So, this is All About Troom Troom (WooHoo) Cast, Member & Actor Names with Photos and Instagram Username. So, If You like this Article Let Us Know in Comment Section. Thank You.

Image and Cast Member

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